Bitcoin Cash Developers Launch Beta Bchd Client Written in Golang

On Nov. 18, a few days after the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) fork, Openbazaar developer Chris Pacia announced the launch of Bchd, a full node implementation of the BCH chain written...

Columbia University, IBM Launch Two Accelerator Programs for Blockchain Enterprises

Columbia University and IBM have announced two blockchain accelerator programs that aim to provide expertise and resources to help startups in the space innovate at scale Source link

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Are Bulls Being Led to Slaughter?

Bitcoin price (BTC/USD) had a dire week, breaking down last Wednesday from its 2018 consolidation reaching weekly lows of $5200.  This week started no better with new lows being found after...

Top Crypto Exchange Huobi Pays Its Dues to Beijing by Setting up Communist Party...

The company behind the world’s third largest crypto exchange Huobi is establishing a Communist Party committee via its subsidiary in China Source link

Bcoin Developers Release Cross-Chain Atomic Swap Application

On Friday, Nov. 16, the developers behind the full node projects Bcoin and Bcash announced an application that allows users to complete cross-chain atomic swaps between both the BCH and...

DOJ’s Rosenstein: Regulators Can’t Let Criminals ‘Hide Behind’ Crypto

Deputy U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein called for a multinational approach to regulating cryptocurrencies Sunday. Source link

Blockchain Network’s Hard Fork to Triple TPS and Give Users Flexible Transaction Fees

A blockchain network is gearing for an imminent, non-contentious hard fork – delivering flexible transaction fees and an enhanced plugin system for users. #SPONSORED Source link

Below $5K: Bitcoin Drops $500 on Day to Set New 2018 Low

The price of bitcoin fell below $5,000 on Monday for the first time since October of last year. Source link

Russian Authors’ Society to Launch Blockchain Platform for Intellectual Property Loans

Russia’s non-profit rightsholders’ society plans to launch a blockchain-powered platform for managing intellectual property-secured loans Source link

Thai Central Banker: A National Cryptocurrency Is Years Away

Central bankers have been talking about issuing their own digital coins ever since they first saw the appeal that bitcoin holds for many people. However, the latest indications point to...